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Always Forward, Never Back
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Capital Pure Assets

Sophisticated Global Consultant Strategies for Private Clients
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Capital pure assets

A boutique consultant firm designed with the needs of the client in mind
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A global perspective

We consult from a global perspective on account of three reasons: Forward-thinking, Opportunity, and Growth.

Industries and Fields

Capital Pure Assets LTD is flexible and can consult in a number of industries and fields, including but not limited to: Development projects, M & A, organization, strategy & corporate finance, sustainability, and much more

how we are different

Our commitment to inclusion and equality for women is embedded into the fabric of our company. It is an integral part of our mission to make sure that women have a place at the table when it comes to making important decisions and shaping policy.

Capital Pure Assets - interested in cutting edge technology and opportunities integrating the aspirations of art, science, sustainability, and culture

Working with us

We wish to create a better world. By contributing our time, talents, and resources we combine global reach and local networks to transform organizations, discover new technology, and assist in building enduring projects and legacies.

Hannah prakash, CEO

We are very active owners and take a hands-on approach in working with the companies and assets we consult with. Our industry expertise enables us to implement a variety of more bespoke management initiatives aimed at generating sustainable value over time.

Shiva Prakash, Chairman